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Broken thermometer = window paintings

Our thermometer broke. Surprisingly, they still contain liquid metal even though it is not toxic mercury anymore. I forgot about the whole incident, until I spotted a little drop of the metal clung to the back of a chair.

I became curious into what metal it exactly was, and wikipedia happily identified it as an alloy, galinstan. Reading further, I discovered that it can be painted on glass.

Neko and the horizon

Long story short, now there is a Neko in our window. Because it is painted with metal, it is also reflective. It seems to come off easily with soap water; hopefully it won't somehow absorb into the glass :)

Now, just go and break that thermometer. Looks like this stuff is difficult to find online, and is expensive in any larger quantity. I guess pure gallium could work, too.

– Petteri Aimonen on 18.7.2011

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