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Hello Petteri,
did you read out the flash of the GD32F103? And if so, could you provide me with a copy of the binary image? I have a defective device that does not correctly start up (stuck at the boot screen), which I hope to resurrect by reflashing the firmware. Maybe I'm lucky, as it is my birthday today ;-)

best regards, Andreas

— Andreas on 05.07.2021 at 09:42 (UTC)


I sent the firmware to you by email.

Though I must warn that I haven't tried reflashing my own device, so I
can't be 100% sure that the image has been extracted correctly. It looks
ok, but it is not easy to know if there might be some byte errors, as
readout protection blocks any verify functionality.

You'll probably also lose calibration by reflashing, and I don't know
how to trigger recalibration.

In my own tests I've noticed that the boot will hang with the progress
bar if the analog board is disconnected, so maybe verify those
connectors and the HY3131 power supply first.

— Petteri Aimonen on 05.07.2021 at 17:30 (UTC)


great work!
I have the same problem as Andreas, as my XDM2041 stucks at the progress bar. The µC does not try to contact the HY3131 by SPI at all. Seems the µC stucks 
in the Firmware. Can please send me the firmware, too ?


Did you get the Firmware burned into the µC ?

Thanks for your help


— Uli on 27.07.2021 at 08:05 (UTC)