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A juicebox holder

Small juiceboxes have one flaw: squeeze too hard and the juice shoots out. That very much annoys my sister (and does not annoy my 2-year-old nephew nearly as much), but my father thought about a simple solution: plastic box that is strong enough to stand a firm grip.


The construction is very simple. I cut a piece of polycarbonate to shape, folded it using a hot air gun and glued the seams. The bent edges are smooth to touch.

I didn't reserve enough space for the bends, so the middle seam is a bit wide. Also it ended up a bit tight, but works perfectly fine.


A plain white box is a bit dull without an appl.. a tapir (frequently mixed with a snow bear) on it. The template is hand-cut from a transparency with the pattern printed on it.

Painting through the template with spray paint gives a bit fuzzy edges, but the 6 mm high letters are perfectly readable. The paint didn't stick very well though, so I think it will wear out soon.

– Petteri Aimonen on 2.12.2010

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