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jpi  yehaa!   :)

— ibunny on 25.07.2010 at 08:42 (UTC)

It seems I don´t Google you often enough.

— BS on 31.05.2012 at 18:12 (UTC)

Impressive neat little toycar. You might get a luttle more natural behavior when backing away from obstacles if you turned the servo while reversing (at the same time). Nice work

— Emil on 09.01.2013 at 21:45 (UTC)

If you need any equipments, parts or sponsorship to your impressive projects, just please let me know!
In my company there are usefull used stuff and also resources to promote this kind of essential scrap ;)

— Pertti on 19.09.2013 at 15:48 (UTC)

Really cool stuff here!

— John G. on 30.03.2014 at 06:12 (UTC)

Very cool site. I came across your "Driving E-Ink Display" project and find it very interesting especially the high gate voltage. I was wondering the source voltage is also high.

— Zhong Ji on 18.06.2014 at 15:21 (UTC)

Hello! Wonderful site and projects you have. It was a pleasure to look though.

— Sigurthr on 24.01.2016 at 05:59 (UTC)

Very interesting website,I like the wood puzzle

— Tim on 20.04.2016 at 15:11 (UTC)

im from ireland 
just wondering how is the cnc going for you
i have bought the 3020t version  and i am wondering are the stepper motors good in them
as i have not done much cutting with mine
and do the stepper motors get hot when they are running inside the box you made for the cnc
and the box is an excellent idea
i am running it from a laptop  using snapcnc from docado in germany 
and there is no need for mach3  as snapcnc controls the cnc
kind regards
james o connell

— james o'connell on 30.01.2017 at 19:10 (UTC)

Wonderful collection of thoughtful, clever ideas.  Obviously a person with substantial patience.

— Michael G Lamming on 07.05.2017 at 14:59 (UTC)

Your nanopb is really well made.

— Jari Vetoniemi on 16.12.2017 at 21:37 (UTC)

I really like your projects, thank you for sharing!

— Matteo Loglio on 17.02.2020 at 20:06 (UTC)

I hope you can get back at the ESP Walkie-Talkie one day. Maybe try out another cheap ESP32 will get better results? There is still demand for a easy to use and low cost device like that for Festivals and kids :)

— MoMakeMore on 05.02.2023 at 06:24 (UTC)