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3D printer head for CNC 3020

Having got my CNC router working decently, an obvious next step was to add a 3D printer head to it. As it already has all the mechanics needed for the 3-axis movement, I only needed to add an extruder and hotend to make it print.

At first I thought the speed might be an issue, as the leadscrew-driven machine needs many more steps per mm than a typical belt-driven 3d printer. However, I can get 40 mm/s travel and 300 mm/s2 acceleration, which is a quite typical speed for a printer. Perimeter and infill print speeds I have currently limited to around 20-30 mm/s due to quality and adhesion issues.

The most limiting factor is the 50 mm Z travel, which limits the height of largest printable objects. By remounting the hotend in the spindle holder in the middle of a print, I could theoretically print up to 7 cm high, but above that the moving carriage comes in the way.

If your browser does not support WebM for video, you can either watch on YouTube or download the video.

Spool holder with extruder motor

I decided to go with 1.75 mm filament with a Bowden cable extruder. This allows placing the extruder together with the filament spool, and only the hotend needs to move around. To make thing simple, I integrated the extruder motor with the spool holder, producing a neat little stand that is easy to put away in a closet when I'm using the CNC for milling.

Hotend to spindle mount

The CNC3020 original spindle has a diameter of 52 mm and mounts into a screw-tighened bracket. To be able to easily replace it with the 3d printer hotend, I made an adapter out of steel pipe of the same diameter.