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Hello,like the job you did on the hull of the ship,would realy like to see the rest of the project so i listed it in my favorites,what i'dd like to know is,did you use a frame to make the form of the hull?
i did an alien once and had to make an iron like structure before aplying the glue and newspapers,have a foto of it on record here,it won the 2nd prize in the carnival in our town in antwerp 1999,but wat i would realy like to make now is a hull for a ship you migh know? if you ever watched king kong 2005,the SS Venture tramp steamer,i'dd add some photo's but this isn't possible here so,any thoughts you might have for making a realistic looking hull,would be welcome,good work and fine projects,good luck jozef V.

— Jozef on 16.02.2016 at 23:13 (UTC)